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  • How difficult are these to fit?
    All kits are extremely easy to fit, adapters are supplied that simply replace your existing bulb then connect the LEDs. NO cutting of existing wiring! Completely removable! Full and clear instructions are provided. If your really concerned then simply go for the YODEL Easy Fit Large Kit which is all pre-wired for you - just plug and stick!
  • What kit is best for my van?
    All depends how much light you require in your van! Small Vans = Medium kit Medium Vans = Medium kit (good light) Large kit (amazing light) Large Vans = Large kit (good light) XL kit (amazing light) XLWB Vans = Large kit (good light) XL kit (amazing light) If in doubt then simply get the bigger kit - then only use what you need! Extra LEDs can be bought and added later on!
  • Will these kits drain my battery?
    No! The kits use the same amount of power as your existing bulbs but with a massive difference! We normally advise people to remove any other existing bulbs in the back as they won't make any difference, and you can save more power.
  • Is there a switch with these kits?
    There is a separate switch with the Medium, Large & Luton kits - These are an optional fit part, it just means you can turn the lights off in the day if not needed. If you don't fit the switch then the lights will go on & off just like your existing light did.
  • My van gets very damp, are these lights waterproof?"
    Yes, they are IP65 Rated waterproof and dust proof. They are also suitable for extreme cold weather conditions and extreme heat. Just make sure the crimp connectors are shrunk with a heat gun for full waterproofing of the connections.
  • My existing lights don't work! What can I do?
    There are a few options here: First - try them anyway, most times it just the existing bulb that has blown. Second - check the main fuses. Third - find any other 12v constant supply in the van and tap into that. Fourth - We sell cigarette adapters that can supply the power to the LEDs. Fifth - Buy any 12v car or leisure battery and run from that - lasts ages!
  • My van is split with a front & back section!
    That's no problem, just go for the custom fit kits, these are designed so you can fit the LEDs exactly where and how you want to. Just cut the wiring between the LEDs, stick LEDs in place, & then use the supplied connectors and wiring to join together. They can run from one power supply, or split and run from 2 supplies.
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