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24v LED Lighting kit - before and after

Improve safety and efficiency in your fleet of trucks.


Faster deliveries - Less damages!

Pre-wired Lighting looms for easy fitting.

24v Kit installed in YODEL truck
Bespoke 24v LED Lighting kit

24v LED lighting kits for 7.5t or 10t trucks, create virtual daylight with an easy to install lighting kit.


Help your employees work more efficiently in loading, sorting and finding items. Also just as importantly keep them safe, cutting down accidents in the workplace.


Pre-wired Lighting looms fit either side of your truck, these simply get joined together and connect to a waterproof switch. This is then wired into either the existing light or the tail lifts 24v supply.


The kit uses just 1.5Amps of power - No flat batteries.


Full and even lighting throughout the whole van, suitable for roller shutter or barn doors.


No real electrical knowledge is required, full instructions included.

Minimal wiring, very few tools required, and simple to install.


Make a massive difference to your trucks for a very small investment.


1 Year Guarantee - but can last longer than your truck.


Fitting can be arranged - contact us for prices. 

Contact us if you need something bespoke or need some help or advice.


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